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8 top tips for decorating a small room.

8 top tips for decorating a small room.

How do I decorate a small room, such as a box room, guest bedroom, nursery, bathroom or even a downstairs toilet?

Here are our top tips:

  1. An important failsafe tip is to keep to one ‘family’ of colours; don’t use lots of different colours, just take one colour ‘family’ and use different shades of it eg mid greens/ bluey greens with light oak furniture. Make sure you consider the colour of furniture, flooring and light fittings etc.
  2. Keep the tones fairly even ie not contrasting light and dark. Imagine you are going to take a black and white photocopy of the room – would anything appear much darker or lighter on it? So use lighter furniture in a lighter toned room and vice versa.
  3. Don’t be frightened to use colour though! Dark or intense colour can look stunning in a small space but keep in mind the above guidelines.
  4. Try painting the ceiling in the same colour as the walls to stop it feeling so box-like.
  5. Use reflective surfaces such as metal fixtures or a gloss finish on furniture and paintwork to increase the light and create interest. Use the age old technique of using a mirror or mirror tiles to reflect light or reflect an attractive or interesting feature of the room.
  6. Put in artwork such as a landscape painting or a photograph of your favourite view to give a sense of space. Or an interesting abstract will attract the eye and detract from the pokiness of a small room.
  7. Keep window treatments simple, such as a roman blind, roller blind or eyelet curtains. You can even just create privacy at a small window by having a display piece such as a vase or plant. I’ve sometimes used shelves in a window recess with a display of bottles or favourite nick-nacks. Of course you don’t get the thermal insulating benefits of blinds and curtains with this technique, so make sure your room is cosy.
  8. Good lighting is essential. Use uplighters to ‘lift’ the ceiling and bounce light off walls to ‘push them back’. You really can change the look of a room just with lighting – but more of that in a future post!



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