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Designing The Perfect Nursery For Your New Creation

Designing special bedrooms for babies and young children is one of my passions. It combines my previous experience in teaching with my professional creative flair for interior design.

As a proud grandmother of four-and-a-half children (another grandchild is on the way!) I understand how excited, yet overwhelmed mums-to-be can feel. For many new and expectant mums, finding the time and energy to focus on creating the perfect nursery is pretty impossible.

This is where I can help by putting my design and project management skills into action to create a unique nursery in your home. I often complete nursery design projects when clients are in the latter stages of pregnancy. They simply sit back, relax and put their (sometimes swollen!) feet up, while I set about creating a special room ready for the new arrival.

I enjoy designing unique bedrooms for children that are themed with original characters, artwork and soft furnishings. My nursery themes have included alphabets, jigsaws, farmyards and even dustbin lorries. Thanks to my teaching background, my designs often have an educational aspect, to stimulate and entertain babies as they develop into toddlers and pre-schoolers.

I believe the perfect nursery should be a comfortable, safe and soothing space. Overall, a nursery should delight parents and give baby a warm welcome to the family.

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