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Tudor Embroidery Exhibition

Tudor Embroidery Exhibition

The wonderful Tudor house, Little Morton Hall in Cheshire, opens its doors for the new season on 20th February. If you have never visited this National Trust property you are missing a treat! With 500 years of fascinating history and its higgledy-piggeldy walls and floors to explore, it is a truly memorable experience and a great chance to learn about the life of a Tudor farming family.

This seasons focus is on ‘Sleep’ in Tudor times – you can hear about the 2 segment sleep patterns of the inhabitants and how they liked to surround themselves in images from nature  in order to keep evil spirits at bay during the night.

The embroidery group, which we are a part of, is putting on an exhibition of the exquisite work which has been produced over the last 3 years. Using examples of existing Tudor embroidery we have made cushions and samplers to bring colour and pattern to the hall and invoke a sense of how it would have looked when the family were in residence. We are on site every Thursday between 11 am and 2 pm, so please come along and chat to us about our work.

The exhibition is on from the 1st March to Easter 2017.


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