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5 Quick and Easy ways to refresh your décor.

5 Quick and Easy ways to refresh your décor.

If you fancy a change but can’t be bothered to go to the trouble or expense of decorating, then try some of these quick, hassle free ways of putting a bit of drama or colour into your decor.

  1. Try adding a dramatic throw in a bold colour or geometric pattern. Use it on a chair, settee or bed, to not only add colour or pattern but to add an element of comfort in the cooler evenings. We have sometimes even used a throw as a curtain to cover a door or window by using pin hooks which fix the fabric to the rings on a pole. You can do this over an existing curtain which will also give you added thermal insulation.
  2. Add a metallic look to a room with candlesticks, tea light holders, picture frames. There are many metallic look fabrics around at the moment which you could use to make cushion covers, table runners etc. The reflective properties of metallics are particularly attractive in candlelight and soft ambient lighting from table lamps etc.
  3. Find yourself an interesting, dramatic piece of wallpaper, fabric or gift wrap and frame it to create a focal point in a room. A lot cheaper than papering a whole wall especially if you can find an offcut from a friend or a shop! You could even paint the frame – just remember to key the surface with a bit of fine sandpaper and wipe over before painting.
  4. Unusual indoor plants can add a very different feel to a room. Go for a group of plants with different coloured and sized leaves. Many varieties available in supermarkets and big stores are very easy to look after, so you don’t need to be an expert gardener to keep them alive. Just read the instructions and keep them handy to refer to.  If you are wanting a dramatic display in a corner but can’t afford an expensive palm, try and find a tall plant stand or table in a junk shop and place a hanging plant on it that will drape over the sides. Plants also have the added health bonus of bringing oxygen into your room.
  5. New cushions or rugs are a very easy way of adding fresh colour, pattern and texture to your decor. An effective way of adding cushions is to choose a new accent colour for your room and add cushions of different textures and patterns in that colour. It keeps the effect interesting but cohesive. Rugs can also be hung on the wall as artwork, so long as they are not too heavy – plus they don’t get dirty that way! They look best if you attach a pole or piece of dowel to the top edge using tape, so that they hang straight.

There are lots more ways to ring out the changes – just let your imagination run free!!


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