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Child safety

Child safety

As designers of bespoke children’s and baby’s rooms, child safety is a priority in all our decisions but not least in the making and installing of window treatments. The statistics for the number of children, who die as a result of strangulation on a blind cord or chain per year, are horrifying. Since the tightening of the legislation in 2014 for window blind safety, we have carefully researched the best in components that comply with the safety standards, to use on all our Roman blinds etc. We fit rear cord breakaway devices and chain break connectors to prevent loops forming and ensure that chains etc are well out of the way, so that little hands can’t reach them.

If you are unsure whether your existing blinds are safe, a useful website is www.makeitsafe.org.uk where you can find good advice on what to look for in different types of blinds or you can even find an expert who can help you in your area of the country.


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