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Designing for Early Years.

Designing for Early Years.

Anyone who has had to try and deal with a toddler in full ‘tantrum’ or with a very withdrawn child, will know that children often have difficulties expressing their feelings clearly. Pre-school staff often use posters or pictures to help children talk about feelings or help the child express how they are feeling at that moment.

When we were asked to design a sensory nursery earlier on this year we decided to try out a design for small cushions showing 6 different emotions. The idea was that the child could not only show what they were feeling but that they could be used as comforters and huggable playthings. The feedback so far has been very positive so we will probably try out this idea in other settings.

Designing for Early Years and children with special needs is very rewarding and we would like to thank all the professionals out there who give us such great inspiration and allow us to try out our prototypes!


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