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New ideas for younger clients

New ideas for younger clients

If you have growing children, you will know that they spend more and more time in their rooms as they get older and they have their own ideas about how their room should look. We have recently done a lot of work for young clients with very firm ideas about what they like and want. It’s one of the most exciting areas of our work. We love designing for pre-teens!!

One young man wanted seating in his attic room which served a range of purposes depending on the activity he was doing. We came up with the idea of a long, stuffed tube that he could knot into different configurations. This has proved to be highly successful. The client loves it; whether he is playing games on his tablet, doing homework or getting engrossed in his book. He can vary the knot to support different parts of his body.

 This is definitely an idea we would like to develop further. It may even feature in our online shop, which we are planning to open later on this year – dedicated to the needs and wants of our young clients.



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