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What to expect from an initial design consultation

What to expect from an initial design consultation

Here at New Creation Interiors, we offer a free initial design consultation for anyone wanting advice or inspiration for their home. However, most people don’t really know what to expect from one of these visits so we’ve put together a short guide as to what to expect.

  • If you phone us or email to make an appointment, we will ask you a few preliminary questions about the nature of the project so that we can come prepared with the right resources to help you. We will then arrange a time for our designer, Barbara, to visit you in your own home, at your convenience. We can arrange appointments in the daytime, evening or even a Saturday, to fit in with your lifestyle.
  • It doesn’t matter at what stage you are with your project; even if it’s still a building site, we can still visit and give you advice or help with costings for future projects. We have been known to arrive at a house where the decorator is literally waiting to know what paint to put on the walls! We don’t mind being put under pressure!
  • The consultation itself is an informal chat to find out about what you want, but also to find out about your interests, lifestyle and preferences. It’s through these chats that Barbara can start to put together ideas that are going to enable you and your family to get the type of home you love. Although we are up to date with the latest trends and can advise our clients on these, we never impose on a client a style that does not suit their personality, just for the sake of fashion.
  • We will also be looking at all aspects of the room including the lighting, heating/ventilation, the aspect (eg North facing ) the use of space, flooring, special features  etc. It may even be necessary to take measurements at this stage in order to produce a floor plan or costings for soft furnishings etc. With your permission we might take photos to help with the designing back in the studio.
  • At this stage you can expect some ideas for possible design solutions.  We may show you ideas from our portfolio, or fabric and wallpaper sample books. We might show you paint samples or give advice on lighting solutions.  It would then be up to you to decide whether we can help you further by producing design drawings so that you can visualise the finished scheme; or by sourcing fabrics, wallpapers, products; or by producing costings of soft furnishings etc so that you can do some budgeting.
  • Be assured that what you will not get is hard sell – that is just not our style! We are very happy to leave clients to mull over what we have discussed and get back to us if they need us.

We hope this gives you an idea of what to expect. If you are interested in arranging a visit please ring us on 07914564628 or email bmilner@newcreationinteriors.co.uk.

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